Drilling and Thread Cutting

AIRTEC Drills and Thread Cutters

With more than 50 years of inbuilt technical experience in their design, AIRTEC drive units can help you streamline production today:

  • AIRTEC drilling units are noted for their compact design, integrated controls and high performance fast-feed/rewind features,
  • AIRTEC thread-cutting units are robust, easy to service and have long working-lives, while our tried and tested spindle technology is guaranteed to make the machining process faster and more reliable. With an AIRTEC drilling or thread cutting unit, thread pitch, depth of thread, approach-stroke and cutting-stroke can all be adjusted quickly and simply.


Available in 2 series; 700-14 000 rpm; drilling capacity up to 14mm diameter in steel; total stroke 80/100 mm; cutting stroke 30/60 mm. High concentric accuracy; wide range of accessories and add-ons are also available.

Available in 10 different series with engine outputs between 0.2 and 4 KW. Variable rotation speeds (between 210 and 10 000 rpm). Total stroke up to 200 mm; drilling capacity up to 28mm diameter in steel. Various drill chuck and spindle options available; integrated drive and hydraulic feed control; wide range of add-ons and securing fixtures also available.

Two models, each complete with electric control unit. Robust spindle design. A range of units available: from M2 to M12, from M5 to M22; various add-ons.

Fixed and adjustable multi-spindle drill heads and thread-cutting heads, offset drill and thread-cutting heads, pneumatic or electric operating signal, pneumatic or pneumatic/electric chip disposal, hydraulic speed regulation (control stroke from 12 to 150mm), pressurized or mechanical spring resetting options.

250mm table-top diameter, disk with 4/6/8/12/24 positions, fixed graduations (optional); can be installed in any position, superior locking capacity, and hydraulic cushioning for heavy weights and mass cushioning.