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Function and Special Valves

Smart compact design means that AIRTEC’s function valve modules are always in high demand – our pneumatic time-delay valves and two-way signal control systems are synonymous with quality and technical precision. Machines and appliances in many industries and trades make use of AIRTEC single-function valves to guarantee reliable operational sequences and procedures.

Time delay valves

Series VZ

3/2-way valves. Available in M5 (10/32 UNF), 160 Nl/min (0.163 Cv ) or G1/8, 600 Nl/min (0.610 Cv).


Series SZ

3/2- and 5/2-way. Available in G1/8, 280 Nl/min (0.285 Cv) and G1/4,
1300 Nl/min (1.321 Cv).

Two-signal-control with self-locking connection

Series SZS

Identical to series SZ, but with self-locking connection 5/2-way, G1/4,
1300 Nl/min (1.321 Cv).

Signal interrupter

Series SU

Converts a continuous pneumatic signal into a 0.3 s pulse. 3/2-way,
M 5 (10/32 UNF), 160 Nl/min (0.163 Cv).

AND valves (Two pressure valve)

Series AN

Available in M5 (10/32 UNF), 160 Nl/min (0.163 Cv) or G1/8, 280 Nl/min
(0.285 Cv).

OR-valves (shuttle valve)

Series OR

Available in M5 (10/32 UNF), 160 Nl/min (0.163 Cv) or G1/8, 280 Nl/min
(0.285 Cv).

Flow control valves

Series DR

Available in four sizes (M5 (10/32 UNF) to G1/2) with flow rates from 5 Nl/min (0.005 Cv) to 1400 Nl/min (1.423 Cv).

Quick exhaust valves

Series SE

Available in three sizes: G1/8, 600 Nl/min (0.610 Cv), G1/4, 2400 Nl/min
(2.440 Cv), G1/2, 5600 Nl/min (5.691 Cv).

Pressure switch

Series PE

Pressure range 1 to 10 bar. Availanle in M5 (10/32 UNF), G1/8 and G1/4.

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Set pressure switch

Series PE-25

Pressure range from 1 to 10 bar. Available in 1/8 and G1 / 4

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