About our business


AIRTEC has been developing high-end pneumatic control technology since 1975. As a medium-sized family-owned business, customer service and flexibility are at the heart of AIRTEC’s business, be it at the two plants in Germany or at the subsidiaries and service partners around the globe. The centre piece of AIRTEC’s innovation is the Technologiezentrum (technology centre) in the city of Reutlingen in the Stuttgart metropolitan area: It is a cutting-edge and constantly growing and changing R&D and manufacturing hub run by highly qualified staff and governed by stringent quality assurance procedures.

Experience and innovation

AIRTEC engineers are not only experts in research and development, they also receive daily feedback and inspiration from clients and the realities of manufacturing, leading to new ideas and innovative solutions. The pathway from a CAD design to a finished product is short at AIRTEC: Thanks to streamlined decision-making processes and close collaboration between R&D and manufacturing, ideas can quickly be converted into functional and economic products.

Customised solutions

In addition to a broad range of standard components, AIRTEC also delivers customized pneumatic solutions: Experienced engineers enable AIRTEC’s clients to create leaner, more efficient and more economic manufacturing processes. AIRTEC calls this “Solutions in Motion”. Triggers for such product innovations are often the challenges faced by the individual client or user: AIRTEC engineers and technician listen, understand the pain points and convert their knowledge into a customized product innovation.

Quality management

AIRTEC has been ISO-certified since 1994 (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015). Clients from a broad range of industries trust AIRTEC and its track record of high-end components and solutions. In order to maintain a consistently high level of product and process quality, a comprehensive quality assurance system governs all areas of AIRTEC’s operations.