Series RE-46, valves and accessories

Img BM-01 Ventile

2 x 2/2-, 2x 3/2-, 5/2- and 5/3-way, 680 up to 950 Nl/min

blind plates, cables, mounting accessories

valves KF-46



KF-46-210/2-HN-S12 2x 2/2-way, normally closed
KF-46-310/2-HN-S12 2x 3/2-way, normally closed
KF-46-312/2-HN-S12 2x 3/2-way, normally open
KF-46-314/2-HN-S12 2x 3/2-way, normally open/closed
KF-46-510-HN-S12 5/2-way, single solenoid, air spring return
KF-46-511-HN-S12 5/2-way, single solenoid, mechanical spring return
KF-46-520-HN-S12 5/2-way, double solenoid
KF-46-530-HN-S12 5/3-Wege, 5/3-way, center position closed
KF-46-533-HN-S12 5/3-way, center position exhausted
KF-46-534-HN-S12 5/3-way, center position pressurized


RE-16-V-EP blind plate for valve station
RE-46-B-01 mounting bracket
RE-46-V-EP blind plate for valve and coil station
28-ST-46-M1-25-105 25-pin multi plug, straight, cable
28-ST-46-M1-44-105 44-pin multi plug, straight, cable
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