Air. Pressure. Motion.

The AIRTEC range

AIRTEC is proud to offer you a variety of choice in our products in a variety of fields, from pneumatics to drills, thread-cutters to piston valves, including innovative, tailor-made solutions that we’ll help you develop from idea to finished, serial production. At AIRTEC, exceptional quality and technical expertise are guaranteed.


The AIRTEC Pneumatics Range


Pneumatic control technology to meet the most challenging of demands. For over 40 years, AIRTEC has offered clients throughout the world a comprehensive range of high-quality components used in every aspect of pneumatic control technology.

Drill and Thread Cutting Units


Automated solutions to your drilling and thread-cutting needs in all areas of general production, as well as specialized machine construction.

Piston Valves


Piston valves and a wide range of accessories to help you rationalize and automate curing processes for tires and other rubber or synthetic materials.

Solutions in Motion


At AIRTEC, we’ll take you from idea to serial production to installation in six easy steps. Let us show you how: AIRTEC can help you save time and money. If you’re looking for a reliable and innovative partner to help you craft individual.